Ingram Micro Cloud Announced Global Strategic Collaboration Agreement (SCA) with AWS

Ingram Micro Cloud announced a new global Strategic Collaboration Agreement (SCA) with AWS. This multi-year, joint investment is geared towards accelerating the growth of AWS Partners worldwide through Ingram Micro Cloud. During this multi-year, global agreement, Ingram Micro Cloud and AWS will accelerate initiatives to increase reach and footprint in existing geographic markets and expand into new geographic markets across EMEA, LATAM, and ASEAN countries.

Ingram Micro Cloud plans to scale AWS adoption

Ingram Micro Cloud plans to scale AWS adoption with emerging ISVs, while driving greater adoption of AWS solutions with SMB customers through the Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace. Ingram Micro Cloud expects to continue broadening relationships with Emerging and Growth System Integrator (SI) and Value-added Reseller (VAR) partners for AWS through its partner enablement and support initiatives to help AWS Partners build a healthy AWS practice leveraging Ingram Micro Cloud’s 9-step IaaS Practice Building methodology. These initiatives cover a wide range of sales enablement, practice development, technical enablement, and business and financial support services.

We are thrilled to collaborate with AWS – Nimesh Dave, President Ingram Micro Cloud

In addition to further strengthening our strategic relationship with AWS, this global agreement underscores the critical imperative of the IaaS business for Ingram Micro Cloud. We are thrilled to collaborate with AWS in bringing our skills, services, products, and overall channel knowledge to help our partners find success with AWS at an accelerated pace.

We are delighted to deepen our collaboration with Ingram Micro Cloud – Doug Yeum, Head Global Partner Organization, AWS

We are delighted to deepen our collaboration with Ingram Micro Cloud. Through this agreement and with Ingram Micro Cloud’s expanding AWS Practice and global network of channel partners, more small and medium businesses and ISVs will be able to leverage AWS services to help solve business problems and accelerate growth through digital transformation.

Edelweiss Selected AWS as its Preferred Cloud Provider

AWS has reportedly announced that Edelweiss has selected AWS as its preferred cloud provider, running the vast majority of its workloads on the world’s leading cloud to further drive its digital transformation efforts. To date, Edelweiss has migrated over 210 mission-critical applications from multiple business lines to AWS, including stock recommendations, public websites, and data models, to reduce cost, improve agility, and create innovative new services. Using the breadth and depth of AWS’s portfolio of cloud capabilities, including compute, machine learning, management and governance, serverless, and database, Edelweiss is building a digital ecosystem of applications and systems using application programming interfaces (APIs), which enable Edelweiss’s wealth, asset, credit, and insurance entities to securely exchange information and launch joint customer services.

With AWS, Edelweiss Seamlessly scaled up its Infrastructure

With AWS, Edelweiss seamlessly scaled up its infrastructure for five days to process investments of more than US $2B during the launch of the Bharat Bond exchange Traded fund (ETF)—at 10% of the cost of a comparable on-premises system. By leveraging Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2), which provides secure, resizable compute capacity in the cloud, Edelweiss eliminated service downtime and minimized response times when customers invested into the ETF, making the Bharat Bond ETF India’s largest first-time bond ETF subscription offer launched by an asset management company. By centralizing and analyzing previously siloed customer data using AWS, Edelweiss can gain new customer insights and enable a more personalized customer experience.

AWS is integral to Edelweiss’s Strategy as we Digitally Transform -Nitin Agarwal, President and Group CIO, CTO, and Chief Digital Officer, Edelweiss

AWS is integral to Edelweiss’s strategy as we digitally transform from a traditional financial services organization to an agile, data driven enterprise. We benefit from AWS technologies such as machine learning to create a digital ecosystem that connects our entities and enables them to co-deliver customer personalization at scale, all while maintaining the highest levels of regulatory compliance.

General Dynamics Information Technology (GDIT) recently welcomed the addition of Amazon Web Services GovCloud services to the milCloud 2.0

General Dynamics Information Technology (GDIT) recently welcomed the addition of Amazon Web Services GovCloud services to the milCloud 2.0 lineup under an agreement announced last month. The new partnership gives Department of Defense (DoD) mission partners an easy and effective way to adopt both fit-for-purpose and general purpose cloud capabilities for a wide variety of workloads. Eric McGrane, GDIT’s senior director of DISA and DoD Enterprise Services, said during a Feb. 24 webinar hosted by AWS, GDIT, and MeriTalk, that the existing milCloud 2.0 service lineup remains intact, and that the deal with AWS adds the “capacity to broker to AWS commercial cloud services.”

AWS Tops Gartner 2020 Magic Quadrant for Cloud Infrastructure & Platform Services

Cloud adoption continues to increase as agile development, rapid deployment, and unlimited scale become the new normal for customers of all industries, sizes, and geographies. In Gartner’s first vendor evaluation covering both cloud infrastructure and platform services (IaaS & PaaS, or “CIPS”), AWS is evaluated as a Leader with the highest score in both axes of measurement, Ability to Execute and Completeness of Vision. In this report, discover why Gartner positioned AWS as a Leader, learn how a Leader in this category is defined, and dive deep into the benefits that public cloud can bring to your organization.

With CloudOps Active Management Solution (CAMS) from igroup, AWS and Azure users will achieve significant performance improvements and cost reductions

AWS and Azure users will achieve significant performance improvements and cost reductions with the launch of the new CloudOps Active Management Solution (CAMS) from igroup. The solution brings together tools and processes to automate support and management functions for customers as well as deliver business critical information through easy to access dashboards. Installed on any new or existing Azure or AWS infrastructure, allows companies using it to concentrate on delivering higher quality applications and services in the cloud rather than spending time supporting and managing their cloud.

Cloud computing has become Amazon’s biggest moneymaker and funds Amazon’s efforts in other areas

Amazon shocked investors last week when the company announced that CEO Jeff Bezos would step down and transition to the role of executive chair in the third quarter. What wasn’t nearly as surprising was the company’s decision to draft Andy Jassy, chief of Amazon Web Services (AWS), to assume the role of CEO. Cloud computing has become the company’s biggest moneymaker and funds Amazon’s efforts in other areas. On this clip from Motley Fool Live, recorded on Feb. 3, “The Wrap” host Jason Hall discusses the move and what it says about the company’s future.

The lens that Amazon’s management views the company is through AWS – Jason Hall

I’ve got three points. One is a reflection on yesterday. My biggest take from yesterday was, and it’s remained the case. I think I said that most people, even a lot of investors, view Amazon through the lens of, through that retail business. It drives most of the revenues and it’s how most people know about the company. The lens that Amazon’s management views the company is through AWS [Amazon Web Services]. I think that that’s largely the case because there is no doubt that that’s the most, in terms of cash flow generation, that’s the most important part of the business. It generates an enormous amount of the operating cash flows that carry through. That’s important.

VHT announced a collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to provide brands with access to cloud-based Callback and notification capabilities

VHT, a leading provider of customer in control software, today announced a collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to provide brands with access to cloud-based Callback and notification capabilities via its Mindful platform. Mindful is an enterprise-grade, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform built on AWS, designed to enable customers to seamlessly transition between talk and text. Through this collaboration, VHT will leverage Amazon Connect to help brands create more meaningful customer experiences and improve customer satisfaction for contact center customers globally. As an AWS Advanced Technology Partner, VHT will support existing clients, as well as expand its client and partner reach through AWS Marketplace by participating in joint sales and marketing initiatives with AWS.

We’re excited to be working with AWS to help enterprises improve and enhance their customer experience – Matt DiMaria, CEO, VHT

With many enterprises focused on improving the contact center customer experience, the transition to cloud-based contact centers has accelerated. We’re excited to be working with AWS to help enterprises improve and enhance their customer experience by making contact center interactions faster, more convenient, and productive.

We are delighted to support VHT in building solutions on AWS – Sabina Joseph, GM, Americas Technology Partners, AWS

We are delighted to support VHT in building solutions on AWS to improve and enhance the contact center experience. With this integration, customers can quickly realize the benefits of VHT’s integration with Amazon Connect, through the ease of use of a SaaS offering and the scalability and reliability provided by AWS.

Amazon Web Services confirmed that National Hockey League has tapped into its services to become the league’s official cloud provider

Fans of the National Hockey League can expect their broadcasts to sport a bit of extra pizazz in the near future. This week, Amazon Web Services confirmed that the NHL has tapped into its services to become the league’s official cloud provider. “Hockey is a fast-moving game and fans miss a lot,” Matt Garman, vice-president of sales and marketing for AWS told before the partnership was announced. “This is an awesome medium to show, in a visceral way, how machine learning can be brought to life.”

Hirings for Cloud, AWS Continues to Rule the Field

Demand for cloud skills already ran high before the pandemic. But an increased reliance on software to solve complex business problems put additional strain on the supply. Among cloud vendors, AWS continues to rule the field, though other providers are closing the gap. Amazon’s solution is in place at 76% of cloud adopters, according to Flexera’s 2020 State of the Cloud report. Closely trailing behind is Microsoft Azure, with 63% of businesses, and Google Cloud Platform.

IT leaders are eight times more likely to search for experts with AWS skills than Google Cloud Platform or Microsoft Azure

IT leaders are eight times more likely to search for experts with AWS skills than Google Cloud Platform or Microsoft Azure, according to data from Hired’s State of Software Engineers 2021 report, published Wednesday. The report examined thousands of candidate interview requests and salary data. Redux.js, Google Cloud, React.js and AWS skills top the list of most in-demand coding skills, according to the report. Demand for cloud skills grew as most companies turned to the cloud to uphold operations. Nine in 10 organizations say they increased their cloud workloads and use of machine learning technologies in 2020.

Amazon Web Services Customers now can Create Multiple Private Marketplace Catalogs of Approved Software

Amazon Web Services customers now can create multiple Private Marketplace catalogs of approved software that their teams are allowed to procure from the broader AWS Marketplace. The new capability comes a little more than two years after AWS enabled customers to create a single Private Marketplace per AWS account to control what their business and engineering teams could buy from AWS Marketplace, a digital catalog of more than 10,000 AWS-compatible software listings sold by 2,000-plus independent software vendors.

IT administrators struggle with scaling their procurement process to address these differing needs across their organization – Martin Beeby, Principal Advocate for AWS

Customers with diverse sets of users need to scale their governance to meet business needs. For example, a large enterprise with subsidiaries in different industries has varying software needs and policies for each subsidiary. IT administrators struggle with scaling their procurement process to address these differing needs across their organization and often revert to one procurement policy to govern their entire org. While there are exceptions, companies depend on time-consuming, manual processes to ensure the correct products are approved and procured. As a result, customers struggle to scale their procurement and governance process to meet their organization’s speed and agility demands.

Use AWS Systems Manager Fleet Manager to Monitor & Troubleshoot Fleets of Managed Instances

Fleet Manager, a capability of AWS Systems Manager, is a unified user interface (UI) experience that helps you remotely manage your server fleet running on AWS, or on premises. With Fleet Manager, you can view the health and performance status of your entire server fleet from one console. You can also gather data from individual instances to perform common troubleshooting and management tasks from the console. This includes viewing folder and file contents, Windows registry management, operating system user management, and more.

AWS: How Fleet Manager can Benefit your Organization?

Fleet Manager offers these benefits: Perform a variety of common systems administration tasks without having to manually connect to your instances. Manage instances running on multiple platforms from a single unified console. Manage instances running different operating systems from a single unified console. Improve the efficiency of your systems administration. Control access to Fleet Manager features using AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) policies. With these policies, you can control which individual users or groups in your organization can use various Fleet Manager features, and which Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instances they can manage.

Axial3D’s Partnership with AWS has Enabled them to Provide a Super-Quick ‘DICOM to Model’ Service to Clinicians

With a worldwide network of customers and partners, Axial3D has been able to transform how we approach the application of 3D printing for healthcare. This novel approach is driving the global adoption of the technology within healthcare institutions and across medical facilities. Our partnership with AWS has enabled us to provide a super-quick ‘DICOM to model’ service to clinicians wherever they are in the world, 24/7/365. The effect this has on patient care is game-changing. No longer will radiologists have to spend hours segmenting images to make them 3D-printable. No longer will surgeons need to wait weeks on a 3D printed model being produced and shipped. No longer will hospitals be expected to pay upwards of thousands of dollars for a single 3D printed model.

Medical 3D Printing Company Axial3D Platforming on AWS & Using Machine Learning Algorithms to Augment & Automate the Process

For surgeons, having fast access to detailed, reliable patient data is vital for success in the operating theater. Too often in complex cases, 2D imaging does not provide enough detail or insight to clinicians to give them full certainty of their approach in surgical plans. Axial3D provides clinicians with the insight and confidence they need to create a surgical plan in the form of high-quality, patient-specific 3D anatomical models. With over three million complex procedures taking place each year, automation is essential if 3D printing is to become a go-to pre-surgical routine in healthcare. The segmentation process currently takes anywhere between 4-10 hours per printed model, but we aim to reduce this by platforming on AWS and using machine learning algorithms to augment and automate the process of segmenting the 2D images and turning them into 3D printable objects. This combination allows us to deliver near-instantaneous results and removing the main bottlenecks associated with medical 3D printing.

AWS Leads GCP & Azure on Latency & Cost, but lags on Performance, according to a New Benchmarking Report by Cockroach Labs

AWS leads GCP and Azure on latency and cost, but lags on performance, according to a new benchmarking report. Distributed SQL database firm Cockroach Labs’ third annual report looking into cloud performance of AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and runs benchmark tests against CPU Performance, Network Performance, Storage I/O Performance, and Online Transactional Processing (OLTP) Performance. The report found that GCP delivered the most throughput on network throughput, storage I/O read throughput, storage I/O write throughput, and maximum throughput per minute. GCP’s top-performing machine had 165 percent and 237 percent more throughput than AWS and Azure respectively, while its bottom-performing network throughput machine still performed 62 percent and 105 percent better than AWS’ and Azure’s top-performing network throughput machines.

Amazon Launched Amazon Academy, a Service that will aim to Help Students in India

Amazon launched Amazon Academy, a service that will aim to help students in India prepare for entry into the nation’s prestigious engineering college. The American firm is the latest entrant to this market where scores of startups and institutes have launched digital offerings in recent years. All learning material and exam content has been developed by expert faculty from across the country, it said. In addition to the JEE, those preparing for BITSAT, VITEEE, SRMJEEE, and MET exams will also benefit from the quality content resources available. The content is currently available for free and will continue to be for the next few months, the statement added.

Amazon Employees Demand AWS to Stop Providing Cloud Services To Parler, Social Media Platform, Popular among Supporters of Donald Trump

Amazon workers are demanding that the company stop providing services to conservative social media platform Parler, popular among supporters of Donald Trump. An employee advocacy group, Amazon Employees for Climate Justice, is asking the company to stop providing hosting services to Parler through Amazon Web Services, it said in a tweet today. “As Amazon workers, we demand Amazon deny Parler services until it removes posts inciting violence, including at the Presidential inauguration,” the group said in the post. “We cannot be complicit in more bloodshed and violent attacks on our democracy.”

Amazon Kicked Social Media Platform Parler off its Web Hosting Services Over US Capitol Siege

Amazon has kicked Parler off its Web hosting services. Parler, a social network favored by conservative politicians and extremists, was used to help plan and coordinate the January 6 attempted coup on Washington D.C. It has recently been overrun with messages encouraging “Patriots” to march on Washington D.C. with weapons on January 19. Amazon’s suspension of Parler’s account means that unless it can find another host, once the ban takes effect on Sunday Parler will go offline.

Etisalat Joined AWS Direct Connect Service Delivery Programme to offer Fast, Private, & Secure Connectivity for Accessing AWS Cloud Services

Etisalat said it has joined the AWS Direct Connect Service Delivery Programme to offer fast, private, and secure connectivity for accessing AWS cloud services. This enables Etisalat’s customers to accelerate adoption of AWS cloud solutions by using high performance and secure direct connectivity, providing customers with more choice in line with Etisalat’s multi-cloud strategy.

On AWS, CBA has Provided its First Detailed Look at a Container-as-a-Service Platform

CBA has provided its first detailed look at a container-as-a-service platform it stood up for development teams, and the guardrails wrapped around it to meet regulatory and security requirements. In notes promoting the session, AWS said CBA had “built a platform to run containerised applications in a regulated environment and then replicated it across multiple departments using Amazon EKS, AWS CDK, and GitOps.” It is now clear that much effort of late has gone into the container-as-a-service platform and into containerising applications across more than one internal business unit or “department”.