AWS is integral to Edelweiss’s Strategy as we Digitally Transform -Nitin Agarwal, President and Group CIO, CTO, and Chief Digital Officer, Edelweiss

AWS is integral to Edelweiss’s strategy as we digitally transform from a traditional financial services organization to an agile, data driven enterprise. We benefit from AWS technologies such as machine learning to create a digital ecosystem that connects our entities and enables them to co-deliver customer personalization at scale, all while maintaining the highest levels of regulatory compliance.

Lyve Cloud is a Natural Extension of Seagate’s Leadership in Mass Data Solutions – Ravi Naik, EVP & CIO at Seagate

Lyve Cloud is a natural extension of Seagate’s leadership in mass data solutions, combining our mass capacity HDD innovation with deep storage industry knowledge to help customers activate more of their valuable data. By providing a reliable and cost-efficient cloud storage solution at the metro edge, closer to where their data is generated, Lyve Cloud lets enterprises store and activate their data at scale, securely and efficiently.

Aggressive Cloud Strategy Proved its Mettle During Pandemic – Brad Peterson, Nasdaq CIO & CTO

Nasdaq Inc.’s enterprise technology leader (Brad Peterson, the exchange operator’s executive vice president and chief technology and information officer) said an aggressive cloud strategy that proved its mettle during the pandemic helped gird the exchange operator’s systems for shocks like this week’s market turmoil. Brad Peterson, the exchange operator’s executive vice president and chief technology and information officer, said the company used prior peaks in trading activity as benchmarks to ensure it had enough computing capacity in its own data centers to handle sharp swings in demand. But the exchange operator also lightened the load by shifting data-intensive processing and storage apps onto the cloud, which can be scaled on demand.

Nasdaq’s Ongoing Investments in Cloud allow it to Quickly adjust to these Kinds of Events – Brad Peterson, Nasdaq CIO & CTO

Mr. Peterson said the company’s ongoing investments in the cloud allow it to quickly adjust to these kinds of events. Cloud systems and apps are hosted on data centers operated by third-party providers, including tech giants such as, Microsoft Corp. and Alphabet Inc.’s Google, that enable users to rapidly scale computing needs, based on demand, with far greater ease than in their data centers. Nasdaq’s 10-year plan to migrate its markets to the cloud predates the onset of Covid-19. Last year, that included shifting a key platform, where traders access its options markets, to Amazon Web Services. Among other services, Nasdaq provides customers with a set of cloud-based tools for performing computing-heavy data analytics, such as risk calculations.

Ping Identity has announced the appointment of Hall of Fame CIO Paul Martin to its Board of Directors

Ping Identity has appointed acclaimed CIO Paul Martin to it’s Board of Directors. Martin will help the security firm enhance its leadership strategy and IT innovation. He joins with a strong track record as an IT leader, having received a number of accolades. This includes being named to the CIO Hall of Fame by CIO Magazine in 2017 and being awarded the 2020 Chicago CIO of the Year Leadership ORBIE Award. Martin is also a board member for Unisys Corporation and Baxter Credit Union as well as being a trustee at Rush University Medical Center and Ravinia Festival.

Software becomes modular and IT infrastructure becomes big – Jan Brecht, CIO Daimler & Mercedes-Benz

Software becomes modular and IT infrastructure becomes big. Daimler will take three steps at once to transform its IT infrastructure: consolidation, scaling and modernization. We need to think about infrastructure beyond the size of our company. With Infosys we found a partner to scale, to innovate and to speed up. Moreover, this is a strategic partnership for Daimler’s IT capabilities and Infosys’ automotive expertise. Infosys wants to grow with us in the automotive industry, which gives career opportunities for our employees. With this partnership, Daimler also strengthens its overall technology investment and partnership strategy.