Bridgecrew’s Mission is to Ensure Infrastructure Security at Every Stage – Barak Schoster, CTO & Co-Founder of Bridgecrew

While Bridgecrew’s mission is to ensure infrastructure security at every stage of the development lifecycle — from code and build, through deployment, and into runtime — the earlier you catch issues, the less headaches you’ll have later down the road. This is shifting security as early in the lifecycle as possible, directly into the developer’s IDE where they spend most of their time.

We had to transition from a work-from-office culture to a remote-work culture – Cloudflare co-founder and CEO Matthew Prince

There were things that were really challenging. We had to transition from a work-from-office culture to a remote-work culture. We also saw unprecedented demand, as internet use nearly doubled globally. At one level, that sounds like a good thing. But there was a lot of infrastructure that we had to build to make that happen. And we had to do it at a time when we weren’t always able to get servers to build out our network and deploy things around the world. The superheroes in this crisis are the medical professionals on the front lines taking care of the sick. That and the scientists who pretty miraculously found a vaccine as quickly as they have, and they’re looking for other treatments for this horrible disease. Their sort of faithful sidekick in it all has been the internet. I keep thinking, how much worse this crisis would have been had it happened 10 years ago? We didn’t know we were doing it, but over the last 10 years we were getting the internet ready for what it’s gone through over the last 10 months.

2020 was a transformational year for Dropbox – Drew Houston, Dropbox CEO & Co-Founder

“2020 was a transformational year for Dropbox,” said Dropbox Chief Executive Drew Houston (pictured). “Going into 2021, we’re focused on executing against our strategy and building essential products for the new era of distributed work.” The company reported a profit before certain costs such as stock compensation of 28 cents per share on revenue of $504.1 million, up 14% from a year ago. Wall Street was looking for a 24-cent-per-share profit on revenue of $498 million. For the full year, Dropbox’s earnings came to 93 cents per share on total revenue of $1.914 billion, up 15% from the previous year.

I think where Signal absolutely scores above WhatsApp is in the privacy category – Signal Co-Founder Brian Acton

I think where Signal absolutely scores above WhatsApp is in the privacy category. You know you see it in the privacy label on the iPhone app placed in the App Store and you see it in sort of how we build our product. We have privacy features, disappearing messages, things like that. Everything is encrypted, including your metadata you know we lead and win on privacy. Of course, you know, WhatsApp has 400 million users in India. It’s a big market, there’s a lot of excitement around WhatsApp in people’s day to day lives and we were just grateful for the opportunity to show the product to the people of India, and to tell them that there’s alternatives that help them learn about online privacy, digital privacy, help make sure that they make the right choices and securing their communications in their privacy.

Story: Original Inspiration for Square Occurred to Jack Dorsey when Jim McKelvey was unable to complete a $2,000 Sale of his Glass Faucets & Fittings

The original inspiration for Square occurred to Jack Dorsey in 2009 when Jim McKelvey (a friend of Dorsey) was unable to complete a $2,000 sale of his glass faucets and fittings because he could not accept credit cards. Co-founders Dorsey—who also co-founded Twitter—and McKelvey began developing the company out of a small office in St. Louis. The name “Square” derives from the company’s square-shaped card readers. In October 2020, Square put approximately 1% of their total assets ($50 million) in bitcoin, citing “potential to be a more ubiquitous currency in the future” as their main reasoning.

Inside Cloud Environments, Data has a Dynamic Lifecycle – Ani Chaudhuri, CEO & Co-Founder of Dasera

We’re on a mission of helping build trust between consumers and companies by enabling safe use of sensitive data. Inside cloud environments, data has a dynamic lifecycle which includes changing data locations, complex data properties, data users with varying skills, and dynamic new ways to use data. The Yellowstone release will help security teams discover, manage & secure data using intelligent processes and efficient workflows.