ZTE Corporation has unveiled its NEO (Native Enhanced-cloud Orchestration) Card at MWC Shanghai

ZTE Corporation has unveiled its NEO (Native Enhanced-cloud Orchestration) card at MWC Shanghai. However, the Hypervisor virtualization layer is deployed on the server, which usually causes a lot of server performance loss. To solve these problems, ZTE has launched the NEO card solution. Also, the NEO board is pre-integrated with the Hypervisor virtualization layer, and the users can conveniently deploy the layer within several minutes. ZTE TCF (TECS Cloud Foundation), the distributed and precise cloud embedded with the NEO card, realizes software and hardware coordination.

Beijing’s New Focus on Cloud Communication

Beijing’s new focus on “cloud communication,” such as livestreaming temple events, not only has negative implications for information security, but also packages nefarious “united front” tactics under a veneer of goodwill, an analyst said as reported in Taiwan media. Institute for National Defense and Security Research researcher Lee Kuan-chen made the observation in the institute’s latest edition of Defense Security Biweekly, a Chinese-language publication for officials and lawmakers on news, security issues and trends. On Jan. 13, China’s Taiwan Affairs Office established four new “cross-strait exchange bases,” which are 79 places in China intended to elicit a cultural or economic affinity with Taiwanese, he said.

Chinese Tech Giant Huawei looking towards cloud services as its primary focus, over its smartphones and 5G Operations

Chinese tech giant Huawei struggles under the influences of the US sanctions, the company’s founder and CEO Ren Zhengfei said the tech giant is now looking towards cloud services as its primary focus, over its smartphones and 5G operations. As per reports, the senior executive of the Chinese tech giant had made the announcement in an internal speech back in November 2020. The founder had said that the company must build up its strength in cloud services and that the brand needed to also make a “breakthrough” in the field.

US would Prohibit Chinese Cloud Companies from Storing & Processing Data on US Citizens & Businesses

The United States is beginning to advance its own version of digital sovereignty. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s Clean Network Initiative would prohibit Chinese cloud companies from storing and processing data on US citizens and businesses. And while the Biden administration will likely roll back many actions taken under President Trump, the prospect of compelling ByteDance to sell TikTok to Oracle or run its US operations through a local partner remains on the table. This could set a dangerous precedent: the US government would be mirroring and legitimizing China’s cloud regulations, which require foreign providers to enter the market only through joint ventures with Chinese companies that own majority shares.