Our investment in India is toward accelerating Nation’s Digital agenda & our customers’ Transformation in Cloud – Scott Russell, President, SAP Asia Pacific Japan

SAP’s commitment to support India’s growth vision remains a top priority, and we are determined to achieve this with deeper collaboration with our customers, ecosystem and the government. Our investment in India is toward accelerating the nation’s digital agenda and our customers’ transformation in the cloud.

The Core idea of GitOps is having a Git Repository – Walmart Japan Cloud Solution Architect Bhargav Shah

The core idea of GitOps is having a Git repository that always contains declarative descriptions of the infrastructure currently desired in the production environment and an automated process to make the production environment match the described state in the repository. If you want to deploy a new application or update an existing one, you only need to update the repository – the automated process handles everything else. It’s like having cruise control for managing your applications in production.

Japan: DDN’s AI-Focused Storage Solution, EXAScaler adopted as Dedicated Storage of Supercomputer System “AI Bridging Green Cloud Infrastructure”

DDN, provider of artificial intelligence (AI) and data management software and hardware solutions enabling Intelligent Infrastructure, today announced that its AI-focused storage solution, EXAScaler, has been adopted as the dedicated storage of the supercomputer system “AI Bridging Green Cloud Infrastructure,” which is currently being developed between Japan’s National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) and Fujitsu Ltd.