AWS is integral to Edelweiss’s Strategy as we Digitally Transform -Nitin Agarwal, President and Group CIO, CTO, and Chief Digital Officer, Edelweiss

AWS is integral to Edelweiss’s strategy as we digitally transform from a traditional financial services organization to an agile, data driven enterprise. We benefit from AWS technologies such as machine learning to create a digital ecosystem that connects our entities and enables them to co-deliver customer personalization at scale, all while maintaining the highest levels of regulatory compliance.

Bridgecrew’s Mission is to Ensure Infrastructure Security at Every Stage – Barak Schoster, CTO & Co-Founder of Bridgecrew

While Bridgecrew’s mission is to ensure infrastructure security at every stage of the development lifecycle — from code and build, through deployment, and into runtime — the earlier you catch issues, the less headaches you’ll have later down the road. This is shifting security as early in the lifecycle as possible, directly into the developer’s IDE where they spend most of their time.

Grant PUD’s SaaS-first approach ensures that those big-step change deployments are replaced with a steady stream of patches – Derin Bluhm, CTO at Grant PUD

Grant PUD’s SaaS-first approach ensures that those big-step change deployments are replaced with a steady stream of patches and feature enhancements that enable the utility to evolve both the company and value we give our customers in a manageable way.

Aggressive Cloud Strategy Proved its Mettle During Pandemic – Brad Peterson, Nasdaq CIO & CTO

Nasdaq Inc.’s enterprise technology leader (Brad Peterson, the exchange operator’s executive vice president and chief technology and information officer) said an aggressive cloud strategy that proved its mettle during the pandemic helped gird the exchange operator’s systems for shocks like this week’s market turmoil. Brad Peterson, the exchange operator’s executive vice president and chief technology and information officer, said the company used prior peaks in trading activity as benchmarks to ensure it had enough computing capacity in its own data centers to handle sharp swings in demand. But the exchange operator also lightened the load by shifting data-intensive processing and storage apps onto the cloud, which can be scaled on demand.

Nasdaq’s Ongoing Investments in Cloud allow it to Quickly adjust to these Kinds of Events – Brad Peterson, Nasdaq CIO & CTO

Mr. Peterson said the company’s ongoing investments in the cloud allow it to quickly adjust to these kinds of events. Cloud systems and apps are hosted on data centers operated by third-party providers, including tech giants such as, Microsoft Corp. and Alphabet Inc.’s Google, that enable users to rapidly scale computing needs, based on demand, with far greater ease than in their data centers. Nasdaq’s 10-year plan to migrate its markets to the cloud predates the onset of Covid-19. Last year, that included shifting a key platform, where traders access its options markets, to Amazon Web Services. Among other services, Nasdaq provides customers with a set of cloud-based tools for performing computing-heavy data analytics, such as risk calculations.

We are pleased to partner with IBM – Ilja Sovetov, CTO of Luminor Bank

We are pleased to partner with IBM for this multi-year program. IBM has leading edge capabilities both in technology operations and in understanding the specific regulatory compliance, security and resiliency needs for the banking industry. This program can also help speed up the implementation of advanced Cybersecurity, Compliance and Regulatory solutions.

Australia: David Farrer, CTO of insurtech firm BAIS, Explains Benefits of Cloud-Based Platforms for Brokers

“Brokers and underwriting agencies have typically not had the scale to make significant investments in upgrading technology solutions, making it hard for them to deliver the benefits this can bring to their clients.” That’s the view of David Farrer, the new CTO of insurtech firm BAIS and a firm believer in technology’s ability to streamline insurance workflows. With more than three decades’ worth of experience in roles including data processing manager, software consultant and business analyst, Farrer said that he “brings a depth of experience across a range of technology sectors, as well as a strong grasp of insurance and financial services” to the role.

Collaboration with AWS will Improve Performance for People who use Twitter – Parag Agrawal, Chief Technology Officer of Twitter

Twitter will continue to use AWS services such as Amazon CloudFront (AWS’s fast content delivery network service that securely delivers data, videos, applications, and APIs with low latency and high transfer speeds to customers globally) and Amazon DynamoDB (AWS’s key-value database that delivers single-digit millisecond performance at any scale). “The collaboration with AWS will improve performance for people who use Twitter by enabling us to serve Tweets from data centers closer to our customers at the same time as we leverage the Arm-based architecture of AWS Graviton2 instances,” Parag Agrawal, chief technology officer of Twitter, said.